Ecofeminist Theology


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Environment and Religion in Feminist-Womanist, Queer and Indigenous Perspectives

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 Environment and Religion in Feminist-Womanist, Queer, and Indigenous Perspectives is a series that explores the subject of ecofeminism from feminist-womanist, queer, and indigenous perspectives. The governing assumption of the series is that ecofeminism is not only a mode of scholarly discourse and analysis, but also a hub for social formation and action. What distinguishes this series in particular is that it focuses on ecofeminism as a disciplinary matrix through which the voices of women, particularly women of color, and indigenous peoples can speak from their religious and spiritual traditions and practices to address the environmental challenges and concerns of the age. Volumes in this series will attend to the environmental and ecological issues that impact women, people of color, and indigenous populations, as these communities are, in almost all respects, the most immediately threatened by contemporary climate and and ecological changes and catastrophes; works in the series will focus on the history, scholarly resources and perspectives, and constructive practices that the religious, spiritual, and natural traditions from which these voices speak and how these can provide alternative narratives, illuminate hidden agendas, and generate resistance to environmental and religious racism and exploitation.

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