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My Other Projects

The Black Experience in the Episcopal Church

African Americans, Caribbean Americans and African immigrants have a long history of carving out a space for themselves within the Episcopal Church.  Black Episcopalians currently make up about 6% of the Episcopal Church as a whole and worship in historically black congregations or as minorities in mainstream congregations. I am currently working on a research project exploring the experience of Black Episcopalians in Western New York. The study will attempt to address the following questions: What is the role of religion in the formation of racial identity? What role should religion play in racial justice?  How do Black Episcopalians experience being ‘Episcopalian’? How can we raise awareness about the Black experience in the Episcopal Church within Black Church studies? 

Progressive Christianity

The Rev. Dominique C. Atchison's

The Anti-Racist Devotional 

Sacred Text through an Anti-Racist Lens

Prison Theology

Jesus the Liberator Seminary

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