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About Me

For some time now, it has been my goal to become a successful author. Over the years, I have been working toward this goal by publishing essays for magazines, chapters for edited volumes and I produced three self-published titles for Kindle Direct Publishing. 

Now, I am working to get one traditionally published book across the finish line in 2018. From there, I can build a platform and have more time and resources to work on additional publications. Of particular interest to me is the Black experience in the Episcopal Church. An initial exploration into the topic has convinced me that there is a lot of work to be done in this area, and I am excited to get started!


I earned a Doctorate in Women's Studies from Clark University in 1999 and the Master of Arts Degree in Religion from Yale Divinity School with a concentration in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2013. My research and writing has focused on gender-based violence and issues of gender and sexuality in the Black Church. 

I have a lot of stories inside me - most of which give voice to people from marginalized groups whose stories are seldom heard. I am inspired by that feeling I've had when I've read a book that spoke directly to my experience.  I dream of a time when others see themselves reflected in the stories I tell.   


Flower photo and my favorite picture of me, Photo Credit: Matt Lincoln


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